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Youth personal training that builds strength, sports performance and confidence.

Specialized Programs for Optimum Athletic Performance


We offer specialized programs for athletes to enhance their individual needs, reducing the potential for injury and achieving optimum performance in sport-specific training.​ With our personal trainers, athletes will be exposed to the most individualized, comprehensive programs, based on his or her goals and sport. 

Flexibility, Strength, Power, Speed, Agility and Being Explosive

Built on the foundation of our 15+ years of high-intensity personal training experience, our youth performance personal training programs focus on flexibility, strength, power, speed, agility and being explosive.​ We will assist each athlete in optimizing their performance before, during and after their athletic season, building year-round confidence in self and sport abilities.

Train 1-on-1, with a Parent or with Friends


Young athletes have the option to train individually, alongside a parent or form a small-group with up to 4 friends or teammates. Small group trainings are 45-minutes instead of the standard 30-minutes to ensure each participant gets ample focus. Athletes will get to boost performance while having fun with friends at our fitness center.

Track Progress with the BOD POD 


Known as the gold-standard in body composition testing, The Bod Pod will help tracking the young athlete's progress by providing precise readings on body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and more. Trusted by medical, military and sports institutions alike, participants in our youth training program will have access to this complimentary service to measure and track progress.

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