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Minutes per week.

Fitness for life.

Hear what our clients have to say.

Eva P. | Age 55

"Since joining OneMoreRep and working out with Adam my overall health has improved 100%. I have a lot of lower & upper back problems and some asthma. All of the problems are much better now… I saw both my family and orthopedic doctor in the past month. They were amazed to see how much better I walked and could move the way I do now. I told them it was because of OneMoreRep.”

Jon D. | Age 51

"The angst and dread of working out is significantly minimized by this wonderful regime and Adam Sears masterfully brings out every inch of my continually fading abilities. I recommend OneMoreRep to anyone who dare uses 'lack of time' as an excuse to let themselves look and feel as old as they are. I’ve found the temperature controlled room of youth.”

Denise B. | Age 63

"Thanks to OneMoreRep, I am feeling back on the healthy fitness track of my youth. I feel stronger and my chronic back aches have greatly diminished. I like the idea that I do not need to spend hours each day working out – the 20 minute, 2 times weekly workouts fit my lifestyle and leave me plenty of time to spend with my grandchildren!” 

Bea & Steve G | Age 45

"A workout with OneMoreRep is unlike any workout you have ever done and at the end of the 30 minutes you know you have accomplished something rewarding. It will be intense and you will find that between the encouragement of the staff and your own motivation you will be able to do amazing things. If you have lower back issues, the lumbar machine will quickly become your best friend.” 

Dave S. | Age 40

"In exchange for a minimal time commitment, OneMoreRep has helped me to improve my overall body strength and stamina. I have traded fat for muscle. I can ride the bike farther and feel stronger throughout the entire ride. I can hit the ball farther with less effort. My body stands up to heavy aerobics and physical effort better and recovers more quickly. OneMoreRep - A great option for people that can benefit from added strength but do not have a lot of time.”

Rick V. | Age 45

"OneMoreRep is an extremely efficient workout that fits my schedule very well. I travel a lot but find that my prescheduled workouts are the best fitness regimen I have found. Adam and his staff are very professional and their encouragement, as well as the OneMoreRep program, has enabled me to make great strides in a short period of time. I look forward to maximizing my progress in the coming months and continuing the gains I have made in the first six weeks.”

Dr. Barry Blank | Age 63

"Since my profession is a stressful one, I have experienced less back strain as well as neck pain since I have began OneMoreRep. The flexible hours help me schedule around my busy schedule. I have noticed that my strength has definitely increased which has helped me with my golf game. I am driving the ball father with less effort as well as controlling my shots. I have recently shot a 78 at a difficult course and I feel that my strength training has led me to achieve this goal. I am looking forward to increasing my strength to help me achieve further goals in my newly found sport of golf. I would highly recommend OneMoreRep to any person who would like to achieve improvement in a way they feel as well as the mental feeling of feeling younger.”

Linda E. | Age 46

"I attend OneMoreRep Fitness to strengthen my core muscles. I also want to increase my metabolism. During the month of February, I had not been able to get in for any workouts. It was then, that I noticed how my knees were aching. OneMoreRep Fitness has strengthened my overall body muscles (particularly to my legs) to help with my knee pain due to arthritis. Many thanks to Adam!!"

Shely M. | Age 50

"I am more aware of my health, fitness level, what I eat, and am enjoying immensely the change in clothing sizes.”

Angie D. | Age 35

"When I started OneMoreRep Fitness, I was completely out of shape and could not walk up 2 flights of stairs without problems catching my breath. I had stomach problems, back pain as well as no energy! At first I was overwhelmed and thought, 'there is no way I could pull or push one more time & thought I could not press 300lbs with my legs!!!' Adam knows your limit and helps push you thru each and every set. He was the best motivator. The 1:1 personal training to me is what kept me going. The results were dramatic and it was such an accomplishment. My overall self esteem had improved dramatically within the first month. I had so much more energy, I was more flexible, and my back pain disappeared. I had better sound sleep and could not wait to go back. That to me was amazing! Each week, I continued to see results in my clothes and in the mirror!!! In the past, I had tried dieting, hours of cardio and with just 20 minutes twice a day, I saw results quickly. It is by far the best idea/work out there is and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks OneMoreRep!!”

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