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Meet the Bod Pod. 


The gold standard in body composition testing for body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and more.

The Bod Pod™  Body Composition Test

The Bod Pod is known as the gold standard in body composition testing because it offers a safe, precise and quick assessment in just 5 minutes.

One More Rep is one of the only locations in Central Ohio to offer this unique, scientifically-advanced service as part of your fitness evaluation. 

Bod Pod’s renowned, patented and trusted technology is available at One More Rep and is also used by:

The Mayo Clinic
The Cleveland Clinic
The Ohio State University
Military Institutions 
NFL Teams and the NFL Combine


Bod Pod
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Did you know that fat takes up more room in your body than muscle? That’s why you need to know more than what you see on the scale.


The Bod Pod test will provide you with your:

  • Body Fat %

  • Lean Muscle Mass

  • FAT Mass

  • Resting Metabolic Rate

  • Total Energy Expenditure

  • Body Volume

The Bod Pod: Preparation Checklist

To ensure an accurate test reading, please follow the below guidelines:

Refrain from eating, drinking and exercising 2 hours before your appointment. A little water is fine if needed, but no more than 5 ounces.


Wear tight, form-fitting clothing in order to help ensure the most accurate reading. For men, speedo, compression shorts, tights, boxers/briefs are recommended. For women, swimwear, spandex, sport bra with no padding are recommended.

Do not wear metal. Any jewelry will need to be removed before entering the Bod Pod.

Body composition reflects the results of both physical activity and nutritional practices. Body weight alone can be misleading because the scale cannot tell the difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle. Over time, people tend to gain fat and lose muscle without an obvious change in their weight. Excess body fat has been found to increase the risk of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.


Only by accurately assessing body composition can you know exactly what makes up your weight, enabling sensible decisions regarding nutrition and exercise programs. It’s important to get the full picture of what's really going on in your body. The Bod Pod’s precision, accuracy and reliability have been validated through many independent research studies and preferred in the field by leading universities, sports teams, fitness clubs, military organizations and weight management centers.

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